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10 Traits of Independent Women


An independent woman is the “together” woman that gets results in life that she is actually looking for…

10 Power Traits of Independent Women:

1) She has clearly defined goals.
2) She knows what she doesn’t want AND what she wants…and she’s not afraid to go after it.
3) She’s secure with herself and always motivated for success.
4) She lives in the moment without losing sight of her future.
5) She attracts the right kind of people into her life that both accept and support her.
6) She releases her baggage, outmoded beliefs, and relationships that no longer serve her best interest.
7) She has a high sense of self worth, deserving-ness, and purpose.
8) She doesn’t give up easily and picks herself up after setbacks.
9) She picks her battles and thinks before acting.
10) She takes care of herself and is aware of her needs.

The “Big 10”

Can you add to this list? Is there anything you would take away? The “Big 10” here are qualities that every woman not only deserves, but needs to have to live a satisfying life. However, due to social conditioning (since practically birth) women often never have the chance to develop these qualities that most men seem to show from an early age.

Dump Your Baggage

If you want to become stronger, happier and more independent, you have to start at the ground level by releasing your past and the conditioning you received from others that helped to create it. If you’re still carrying around hang-ups and beating yourself up, let me be the first to tell you that it’s not going to help. All negative self talk and image really does for you is negatively reinforce all those things you don’t really like about yourself and your life. Even the people in it…you know…those people that probably never belonged in there in the first place.


Reprogramming your subconscious mind and the patterns it creates for you with new positive frameworks is the easiest way to go to accomplish your personal transformation into a successful, independent and purpose driven woman. I’ve seen it innumerable times in my own work – we don’t think and act on a conscious level and it shows…and hurts. We are driven by subconscious patterns and beliefs and often never know it so we can’t consciously change it. Repeating negative pattern over negative pattern is a miserable existence!

Rewire & Replace

Rewiring your brain for good is actually a simple process. YES, really. We act based on what we are told, shown, etc. And then, the subconscious makes sometimes-weird connections to events and pretty soon we are right smack dab in the middle of making mistakes…and lots of them due to the stuff that fills our inner brain. To reverse the negative program process we simply feed that inner mind with all the good stuff that should’ve been put into it in the first place. Suggestions like you deserve to be happy, loved, successful, etc. are simple phrases we sometimes rarely, if ever hear and they are priceless in the boost they can provide us with when given in a steady stream.

Just DO It!

Make the decision to get on your fast track NOW. You deserve to create the strong, healthy bridge between your conscious desires and your subconscious programming so that you can finally maximize your success and happiness in life. You’ll be able to become the soul in this life you were meant to, so go ahead, decide today that you are going to dump those old patterns that have never ever probably really served you in any beneficial way anyway to make room to embrace something better. You just might be surprised and delighted at the new you and what you can do!


Guide to Empowerment: Lesson One

ImageAre you awake? Do you feel powerful in the creation of your life? If not, is it someone Else’s fault? Who is responsible?

Still Asleep

Many years ago as a newbie in college, my Feminist Theory, Sociology and Philosophy classes were the first opportunities I had been given to really be formally introduced to the topic of gender equality and the ideas and feelings many people had about the issue. These early eye-opening experiences provided the platform for me to go on to help other women be(come) empowered as both a calling and vocation. In the decade plus following those early college years, I have since been privy to plenty of debate on empowerment based in gender (or not), and I’ve heard many “interesting” ideas ranging from the good, the bad, and the incredible.

If you ask most people a question about women being empowered the typical response you will hear is something along the lines of , “Women are not being empowered because men are given all the “power”.  I strongly disagree with this idea because it sounds much more like a justification for a fixed social system than a clear understanding of something we truly have the power to change on an individual level.

Then and Now

Years before the well-known uprising of patriarchy , the women in society – the matriarchs – topped the cultural and social ranks. 

Today we can still find matriarchal structures operating, though unfortunately, they are typically exclusive to many isolated peoples around the globe, with one broad exception. Matriarchs are aplenty in populated cultures, though they are typically only the matriarch of the home and play a lesser role in societal influence, politics, religion, etc. Thankfully, this dynamic is changing as we see many more men taking more active roles within family units, and many more a woman taking the bull (Life) by the horns and providing herself the opportunity to explore her potential with chosen freedom, and be(come) empowered as a personal choice to follow her dreams.

Myth: Women cannot be(come) empowered because we live in a society dominated by men.

Truth: Empowerment has nothing to do with being a man or woman and everything to do with the conditions a person is subjected to.

Wake Up

Raising consciousness, to “awaken”, or to embrace a somewhat stereotypical feminist ideology (as some do) are alternative (and potentially extremist) ways we socially describe the process and lifestyle of becoming and living empowered.  Actually, the term “empowered” is relatively new in our society, yet the difficulties associated with it are centuries old.

To awaken to potential, intrinsic value, worth, talents, gifts and abilities residing within us in desperate need of rediscovery are the keys to becoming empowered and living an empowered life. 

From the time we are small, the opinions, feeling, thoughts and baggage of others shape not only our perceptions of the world, its people and how it all works together, it also creates our own beliefs about the kind of person we are, what our potential is, what we can have, what we deserve and more. In summation, to not live in the space of empowerment is a result of not allowing ourselves the opportunity to know ourselves and become authentic. 

Our natural state is one of wholeness and peace, and until we begin to uproot the beliefs and patterns we have taken in from others that do not truly belong to us, we will continue to exist in a state of dis-empowerment. Developing our own presence is a process, and it takes time and work, but the benefit in the end is priceless…